Family Photography

Family is important, but they grow so fast. Life often gets in the way and we forget about how small our children once where.

Let us capture these moments with images you can treasure. We can organise your family photo shoot to either be outdoors, in our studio or at your home. We will sit down with you and work out what will be best for your family.

Dont miss the opportunity to have these loving memories captured for eternity.


Deciding what to wear in family photos can be just as challenging as finding the perfect photographer. These are photos you are going to hang on your walls and cherish for many years to come. It can seem overwhelming when considering what to wear but it doesn’t need to be. Use these tips to help you pick out the perfect wardrobe for you and your family.

Coordinating colors or matching.
Do you like the idea of matching? Why not pick a colour or a white/black shirt with Jean or plain black pants/shorts/skirt. Maybe coordination is your preferred choice. If so, pick a couple of colors and choose clothes that will fit in your colour scheme, look at your home decor.
Do you like bright colors? Neutrals? Since you will be hanging these photos in your house you want to make sure the colors of your clothes go with the colour scheme of your home. Avoid all one coloured outfits, like a white shirt and white pants, together.

Don't forget accessories.
Accessories not only add to your outfit but they can be fun to use in photos. Hats to look over, necklaces for the kids to play with.

Limit patterns.
Personally, I enjoy having an outfit in the mix that has all the colors in it. However, not everyone in the photo should wear patterned clothing as it may distract the final image.

Say no to characters.
Yes, your little one may love their Toy Story shirt but you may want to skip it for the family photo session. Just like patterns, characters on shirts can be pretty distracting in a group setting.

Plan ahead.
Once you book your session, start thinking of the outfits right away. You may think certain items of clothing will fit your kids or that one dress is clean. If you wait until the day of or day before you may run into an issue of clothes not fitting, being dirty or needing to be dry cleaned.

Textures are your friend.
I am a huge fan of a cotton fitted shirt. However, in photographs I like to add textures like scarves, belts and/or ties to add a little more to the image. Don’t shy away from different textures.

Consider your background.
If you choose our studio for your photo shoot or you have a certain backdrop in mind, consider what you are wearing. I remember an image my sister, her husband and their newborn son took where my sister and her husband were wearing black while their newborn was in his birthday suit, in front of a black backdrop. She and her husband look like floating heads holding a baby.

Think classic.
These photos will be hanging on your walls and treasured for many years. By choosing simple, classic clothing you will help give your images a timeless feel.


*2 hour Family photo shoot with our professional photographer.
*10 edited images as downloadable files.
*3 different compositions.

$50.00 deposit required to book.
Balance due the day prior to the photo shoot.
Images take between 14 - 21 days to edit and go up on our client gallery page.


*2 hour Family photo shoot with our professional photographer.
*Minimum 40 edited images as downloadable files and on USB.
*As many compositions in allotted time.
*2 - 8 X 10 framed images.

$50.00 Deposit required to book.
Balance due on the day of the photo shoot.
Images take between 14 - 21 days to edit and go up on our client gallery page.


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